How This Village Makes 50,000 Incense Sticks A Day For Lunar New Year | Big Business

In preparation for the Tet holiday, Quang Phu Cau Village turns a sea of pink. Villagers are making millions of incense sticks, used …


34 thoughts on “How This Village Makes 50,000 Incense Sticks A Day For Lunar New Year | Big Business”

  1. He's obviously making more incense sticks now than he was when he was selling to India because he had the need to automate certain processes. There would be no point in putting that kind of money into the business if he was selling less now than he was when he was only selling to India

  2. Incense strick is good as already everyone have to do big sexual scam in religious economics and eat that at night,it gives flavor in morning and makes one addicted of such habits and thereby if such person wins as ofcourse competition and seats are limited,this again helps them win more

  3. i really really hate india, going around destroying other countries economies, absolutely obliterating the environment in that part of the world infinitely and incomparably worse than every single other country around there(probably combined), possibly in the world. making 3/4 their country live in literal slums overran by actual rhesus macaque, have 2, or is it 3? cities ENITRELY BUILT OF TRASH INSIDE CITY SIZED DUMPS BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT JUST KEEPS TAKING TRASH FROM THEMSELF AND OTHER COUNTRIES AND DUMPING IT IN POOR AREAS AND THE OCEAN…. such a crap country.

  4. I remember my mother mentioning something about my great grandmother making incense sticks in her childhood. this really hits home, and now I feel nostalgic

  5. I really wish that if one of these companies has a online shop that yall would link it. I've had to Google a few businesses. You should do it, people are lazy and you should support the online sales.

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