How I Built A $1 Million Business Making Slime | On The Side

At 17 years old, Jacob Karram started making slime videos from his childhood bedroom in Boca Raton, Florida. After hitting 200K …


44 thoughts on “How I Built A $1 Million Business Making Slime | On The Side”

  1. Dear parents :

    1. Its kind of useless, whats the use of slime or how do you play with it? Its to relieve stress and very fun to play with, it also looks pretty.

    2. Ew! It must be very sticky right? It depends. Sometimes the slime can be poorly made and it becomes sticky, while something like Slime Obsidian produces good quality slimes and he makes sure they don't stick to the persons hand. Slimes can also melt during shipping or after a very long time of not playing, which in this case you can reactivate it with activator (note that it is borax) or throw it out.

    3. Wait, it's eco friendly right? Elmers glue (that is the main ingredient to slime) is biodegradable, the glitters/sprinkles/beads/whatever the small things in the slimes are most likely eco friendly, the containers can be used for something else and the miniture items can be for your kids school projects!

  2. Ah yes I remember 2019 when slime was so popular and everyone, especially YouTubers, bought slime company slimes and reviewed them. Slime Obsidian were one of those companies.

  3. Okay, slime is fun and all but aren’t they worried abt the like packages? Yk? They get like BIG packages of ingredients and I’ve always wondered abt like the environment

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