How 1.5 Million Aloe Vera Leaves Are Harvested A Week | Big Business

From sunburn soothers to skincare, aloe vera products are growing in popularity. Today, the industry is worth $625 million.


42 thoughts on “How 1.5 Million Aloe Vera Leaves Are Harvested A Week | Big Business”

  1. 7:31 they really need to do studies? lol
    just put some pure Aloe in a healing wound like we all do and it's obvious how fast the skin regenerates
    it's like they can't test the obvious…

  2. I have eczema. One time I had a ba do outbreak and the only thing I saw available was an aloe leaf in my house. Rubbed it all over and a few hours later the eczema was gone. I wouldn’t eat it though. It’s like eating snot

  3. aren't we going to talk about how bad the aloe leaf smells? It's a super strong smell and you gotta have a strong stomach to work on that the entire day. These guys are pros!

  4. here in the UK there's literally thousands of people that wouldn't ever think of working this hard, then when the get their doll money (probably more than these grafters get) they complain that their aloe products are expensive

  5. pro tip, if you've been crying and are worried about puffy eyes the next days, put some on your eyelids and you won't be all puffy. you'll still feel tired and feel like shit though, but at least you won't look it.

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