Hillary Clinton: Trump Winning 2024 Election Could Be ‘End Of Democracy’

In part two of this week’s Sunday Sitdown, Former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sits …


31 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: Trump Winning 2024 Election Could Be ‘End Of Democracy’”

  1. By using biased news stations they are trying to indoctrinate the population and destroy democracy at its heart. She has some real audacity trying to stop a candidate from running. That’s a textbook example of attacking democracy.

  2. I feel like she just doesn't like the president he becomes president again it's like her wasting her time yet again why did she spend her time hating on one president when she could just move on and start fighting these gender people's feminist peoples and other people's that are causing this country to go crazy or help us with this covid situation instead helping other people or helping the world or even America for this virus she continues to hate this president I don't like the president but the end of the day I don't go hating on him either this woman holds a grudge and she won't stop if he wins again she wasted her time again she wasted her time to simply hate she wasted her time to dislike a past president who if does become the future president or not either way why waste your time judging on one president when there could be many more new ones that could be even worse and yet she judged only this one man would have no peace as long as women are like this or worse.

  3. The real question is "Will Hillary Rodham Clinton by arrested, tried, and jailed". I say "No", 'cause Democrats get away with murder (check the Clinton history). It's an F'g shame. Sedition? Treason? You betcha! Get a walk? Ditto.

  4. The democrats are FEAR MONGERS! See Stacy Abrams who has taken a page out of this book also. I am not going to let a SIMPLE POLITICIAN who has no idea what to do, earn my vote with this type BS!

  5. Maybe if she had actually campaigned in Wisconsin, or tried a little harder in PA or MI, she could have nominated 2-3 new justices for the Supreme Court. Or all the hundreds of courts across the country that Trump filled with conservatives…. It will take a generation or two, 25-30 years at least, to undo the damage of her loss in that election. That will be her biggest legacy, right or wrong, whether you agree with it or not.

  6. When will Clinton’s and Obamas finally go to prison?Why are they protected from prosecution?Remember Obama gave several speeches trying to discredit The Holy Bible!!!!Then had a standing judge removed to protect his lover Regie Love from sentencing!

  7. President Trump true president!Hillary crooked and satan worshiper and Epstein island graduate!Hillary and Obama murdered Chris Stevens with CIA and sold American yellow cake to Russia!

  8. Comey was on your side he had no choice as the email scandal where your team Hillary wiped evidence off of hard drives on your illegal servers was given to an FBI office in Michigan I believe and they said if the head of the FBI covered it up they would expose the corruption themselves.

  9. Hillary Clinton caused milions muslim people death at mid east, like obama Hillary fund iran, was iran funding houti genocide yaman and soleimani qassim genocided Syria iraq to keep alawites in power at syria, especially benghazi, Hillary Clinton taken down ghadafi regime and cause sunni vs Shia Islamic genocide war at libya genocide each other until today, Hillary Clinton is war criminals

  10. Once again, we have the media doing the bidding of the Democrat Party and acting as a party organ. If the media keeps this up, there may be laws controlling the media, since they play a major role in elections.

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