Group of South Africans march against businesses employing illegal immigrants in Rosettenville

A group of South Africans under the banner ‘Operation Dudula’ have marched on businesses allegedly employing illegal foreign …


33 thoughts on “Group of South Africans march against businesses employing illegal immigrants in Rosettenville”

  1. Don't understand why the illegal immigrants are not discussing with their Government on how to fix their situations within their own countries. South Africa was a rainbow nation, we were friendlier, we could gather at Jamborees CBD, Jazz Festivals at Zoo Lake, happily and in a decent manner (not leaving our place in a mess). THEY STIRR CONFLICT AMONG SOUTH AFRICANS taking the ATTENTION AWAY FROM THEM being ALLOWED as MAJORITY INTO THE WORKPLACE. They are so opinionated about South Africans. Saying to the white man, "South Africans are Lazy." Saying to the Black Man, "We are brothers, we must stand together against the White man" yet they are being caught stealing cables, selling drugs, and surrounding us with illegals settlements while South Africans are becoming poorer due to joblessness having to join this form of living. We ask that you please ask your Government to make your home situation better and we will ours.

  2. That boy dressed in military attire should be ashamed of his fkn self. Black people all over this world, and here he is calling for removal of fellow blacks. The whites they don't have to do anything because the traitors are doing it for them. How can you have 10% of the country owned everything including the land and you are scared to go to them and told them to leave, but you have strength for blacks? Those cowards will be remembered for what they have done to our people . Fkn traitors. Same way they sold our ancestors. This is how we ended up here in the West, because of traitors like those wanting to push fellow blacks off their continent.

  3. South Africa is a Xenophobia Nation, The Europeans Invaded Your LAND Still Occupied 85% Of Your LAND Illegally, Just Go Ahead Loot And Burnt down Foreigners Business As Usual?

  4. In South Africa the issue is not illegal immigrants as the black people claim. They just don't want immigrants in general, especially those who are of Africa origin. It's hate and bitterness and a love for scapegoating. Their arguments are unsustainable because there is just no how immigrants are the cause of unemployment. Their numbers in any form of formal employment are too low by percentage compared to other comparable jurisdictions.

  5. When citizens don’t stand up to protect their quality of life, businesses do this and the government won’t care either. We need to start doing this in the United States.

  6. Useless South African government.. viva operation dudula viva.. this government wants to impose illegal foreigners on us.. I don't have a problem with those who came in the right way… But illegals are already criminals for entering illegally to begin with

  7. PPL come for opportunities If your are already where there are opportunities take action don't be lazy and expect hand outs from the government … If want hand outs from the state go to Zimbabwe

  8. It's sad to realise that the predictions of Chris Hani's murderers are coming true. They knew this government would make it a free for all and they would gain power again. Its happening as we speak. And people will actually welcome it the way the gov has bungled these last 28 years.

  9. The ANC must join forces with the illegal immigrants they love so much. We will keep the ones here on critical skills visas. Or maybe we leave South Africa and watch it fall apart in 4 years.

  10. Please! Please! Foreigners must not persuade us to fight business white people in this country. Their businesses are ligitimate. We don't want Zimbabwe in South Africa. What is needed is to hire South Africans then we will live in peace with them.

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