Gravitas Plus: The dark side of Electric Vehicles

Are Electric Vehicles really clean? They run on dirty energy and blood of children as young as 6. Electric cars drive human rights …


34 thoughts on “Gravitas Plus: The dark side of Electric Vehicles”

  1. Our country does not need electric vehicles. electric vehicles are not safe anyway. I don't trust China anyway. China always takes advantage of child labor world wide. She is right this is not a climate solution. This is human rights abuse. "Climate solution should not be at the expense of human lives" We should all agree on that.

  2. I do agree with you but I need to throw this out "Meanwhile India refuses to condemn Putins actions and buys record amounts of gasoline at a discount"

  3. WHYnot the media who approached with this tape afford to intervene in industies or robotic hands to help the children and preservable lands, WHY AFRICA is not condemning the issues happening

  4. Slightly uninformed report.. Tesla is switching to using LFP batteries in it's battery packs, as well as many Chinese car manufacturers. These contain no Cobalt, and 98% of the battery materials can be recycled, which will eventually lead to a complete end to mining for batteries.

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  6. FOR RELEASE 2022-05-13

    By aggregating data from many sources, we've developed a US misery index which excludes food, energy and inflation, as shown below:

    Bankruptcies: up 33% M/M, Commercial up 34%

    First-time unemployment claims: up 200k M/M

    Foreclosures: up 50k M/M

    Evictions: up sharply even as rents spike

    Repossessions: uptick expected in Q2 2022

    Domestic violence: (NA)

    Social unrest: low in 2022

    Job openings: apparently high, phantom openings abound

    Late bill payments: 42 million Americans expect to miss a payment (including electricity) in the next 6 months

    Store closures: up

    Homelessness: expected to rise this summer

    Crime: remains high post-pandemic

    Initial conclusion:

    Although one month's data does not suggest a trend, an initial review points to a US recession in Q3 2022 or earlier. When inflation, food and energy prices are included in the index, the data points to a deep US recession imminently.

    This will also impact world events and commerce.

    This summary is authorized for publication by Analytical Associates of Bethesda, Maryland, LLC.

  7. SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL JOE BIDEN. KAMEL HARRIS, PELOSI, AND BIG MOUTH ALEXANDRIA OCASIO, THE LEADER OF THE SQUAD. about their green dream that is abusing and killing children.

  8. Car companies are not responsible for child labor. Only local companies are getting benefits from child labor. So the government should stop child labor and illegal mining.

  9. Climate? Why does the same exact model car get twice the miles per gallon as its American counterpart? Why has "NO" government demanded that auto get a much better gas mileage? It is all a farce.

  10. So… Should we just ban electric cars because people will insist on using slaves despite the fact that the companies don't tolerate this and frequently discourage this practice?

    Ideals are good but reality says otherwise.

  11. This is a fking outrage. I am really pissed off. You democrats and the big push for pie in the sky EVs you can shove it where the sun don't shine. Every democrat black person should be required to watch this and hold their head in SHAME!!!!

  12. This is only one element of the equation detailing why EVs aren't what they claim to be. It is a fools errand that leads to a fools paradise to think EVs are really green.

  13. Damn man, finally some news outlet with some sense! EVs and Solar Panels are not the answer to the climate probem. Hydroelectric and Nuclear are far more stable and far more viable as "clean energy." Cobalt isn't the only problem, too. According to USGS surveys, the global supply of Lithium isn't large enough to make the batteries required to replace the global fleet of ICE let alone put solar surplus battries in every home. Grifters like Elon Musk ought to be outed for the exploiters they are, profiting off of the 1st world housewives wanting to "save the planet" thinking that EVs and solar will do that, all the while oblivious to the actual human cost.

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