Google — Year In Search 2021

In a year that continued to test many, the world searched “how to heal” more than ever. Whether they’re taking care of mental …


22 thoughts on “Google — Year In Search 2021”

  1. Wow. 2021 is one of the hardest years ever, but during the 2 quarter of the year, most of the world decided to live with covid and we made the correct decision. We returned and returned stronger than ever!

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  4. Respect is a military term and only has meaning in armed forces. You are after money in your business so there is no need for sending notification about respectful comments.

  5. I have location data, turned off and many other aspect features. Why does google keep insisting, in giving me location advertising.

    I shall, will not use, or buy (including endorse) any of the products given or promoted to me on my screen as advertising).

    It makes me feel uneasy, and annoyed heavily.

    By doing continued, location linked targeted adverts. You're not encouraging me to use Google with confidence and privacy, you're describing why I shouldn't.

    Does Google, not realize in the current state of mistrust in corporate media, and huge tech companies, the reputation is sinking further.

    Further more, while talking to colleague I made a jest "Oh you're taking a selfie or something, Haha?" didn't expect my phone to take a selfie of me while holding my phone as it triggered Google assistant to take my picture out of nowhere, by closing my app and turning my camera ON to record an image of me.

    So google listens to every conversation and imagine spies images already stored. Disturbingly had suggestions of brand adverts based on my own personal clothing.

    What is actually happening. Well pushing users away from trusting your company, is sure to end well.

    Obviously the 55% will claim, it's all just an unfortunate case of misunderstanding on users end.

  6. Google Fi and Google Fiber have been doing a lot of work in my neighborhoods.
    I just wanted to know if Google could look at for me financially. Someone in a Google car pulling on me with good news February 4, 2024

  7. This is Benjamin Rowe and I have been a fan and user of all Google products and services I could afford since 2007 the day Google went announced they are reducing thier carbon foot print.
    I am desperately in need of guidance as I am lost. I thought Google or Lenovo merged with Motorola mobility. But why do some people still think the Google pixel is not a flagship worthy phone? The first Gmail account I made was on February 4, 2004. Could I be awarded some how for keeping an email for so long.? Y'all no what I mean .. …

  8. I really hope that the year in searches for 2022 is better and that people are searching for even more motivation and inspiration and causes celebration. We have made it and can say that we survived 2020 (and 2021!) and the pandemic!! Stay strong everyone! Peace love and happiness in 2022.

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