Globalization explained (explainity® explainer video)

Globalization is a topic that is often debated controversally. It concerns all of us, but what exactly is globalization and what is its …


34 thoughts on “Globalization explained (explainity® explainer video)”

  1. Can't be explained in simple terms?
    Yes, it can pretty simple:
    Globalization is a one world governmental organization to enslave humanity into transhuman cattles!

  2. Globalization is nothing more than the control of the seas and oceans by the United States of America. Humanity has already experienced two globalizations, the first one was that of the ancient Romans, the so-called pax romana, with their control of the Mediterranean Sea. The second one s that of the nineteenth century by the Great Britain, that with their powerful navy controlled the trade routes. Whoever controls the trade routes controls the world and gives the rules to globalization, right now the USA is doing it. China is trying to challenging this American domination with the new silk routes, which cross Asia by land and arrive in Europe, and the Caucasus is very important in these new routes, for this reason Russia, which risks being excluded and submissive, wants the total control of that area at all costs, especially the Black Sea, and this explains the absurd war we are seeing today with Ukraine. That's it, nothing more, nothing less.

  3. On the first Christmas Jesus Christ came from heaven to earth through virgin birth fulfilling prophecies.
    On the first Good Friday Jesus Christ gave His life willingly, died on Cross fulfilling prophecies.
    On the first Resurrection Day (also linked to Easter) Jesus Christ raised from death proving He is God, fulfilling prophecies.
    Jesus Christ purpose doing above is to save us from pre-existing sin, satan and eternity in hell, and provide free entry to eternity in heaven to all who repent of sins in Jesus Christ.
    Jesus Christ coming again in future to judge every single person, fulfilling prophecies.

  4. The lady was doing fairly well until she stupidly said that the more Co2 is produced, the more the climate changes or even more idiotically increases global temperatures. Wow ! Extraordinary statements require extraordinary explanations ! Of course, she and oh so many others have been repeatedly fed propaganda akin to the ridiculous idea that dead dinosaurs produced gas and oil reserves ! Dumb and dumber.

  5. China is prime example of Globalization. They sell their goods to us when we shop, notice things we buy are made from China. And guess who profits? China and we suffer! That’s why Trump famously said “American made, buy American” we don’t need to be ripped off from China when we can produce goods made in America. It’s just that simple!

  6. What is the reasoning to think that globalization is neither good nor evil?
    A futuristic outcome is the result of the present consequences. Dealing with something in the future, but being neglectful of the present when the present is the future to the past.
    The destruction of the planet for the reward of commerce is evil. Because you cant have commerce without a planet. Right?

  7. now all you need to do is pass the economic crime bill? oh wait it's still not passed after being dropped because you'll be killed by globalists. I hope you all enjoyed your option spread schemes & optional allocations as tax-free incorporations & miscellaneous funds & vaccines.

  8. Kairos debt-financed distribution & option spread schemes or attribute based encryption schemes to debt-match taxpayers got it with optional allocations & presiding officers who literally worship maximin trading for tax-free incorporations under the sun belt, & put students in transcript traps, got it. GOP rf miner farms after a digital disruption.

    got it

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