Friday work-from-home policies hit small businesses in San Francisco

In downtown San Francisco hybrid work schedules are making a huge difference, especially on Fridays. Shawn Chitnis reports.


27 thoughts on “Friday work-from-home policies hit small businesses in San Francisco”

  1. If the city and state would just build more housing. Businesses wouldn’t be so dependent on commuters but actual city residents!! It’s not rocket science.

  2. Goodbye
    The very same pols who lecture about global warming, pout when suburbanites don't want to spend on gasoline to be overcharged and taxed in their cities.

  3. I just turned down a job where I would have to drive 57 miles ONE WAY to work after they offered me $2/hour LESS than they advertised the job starting pay. Corporations are killing the USA with shyt jobs, shyt pay and corporate governance that's borderline stupid.

  4. I like the hybrid / remote work model, less traffic, less garbage, less stress to be honest. Though I can see Tues-to-Thurs be the new model of corporate city life.

  5. It help business but it makes more workers want to quit their jobs and find remote work when they double realize that they are spending so much to get to work, for food gas etc.

  6. On my work from home days I go out to restaurants still. Or if i cook at home, I do my grocery shopping at stores here in SF, local businesses. No net decrease in my support of local jobs and economy.

  7. I hate to say this but Downtown wasn't pleasurable when it was congested! I hated waiting 45 minutes for my lunch, especially waiting in line and by the time I returned to work, my lunch hour was up, which forced me to bring my own food from home.

  8. fix the city first. stop the crimes and the drugs. That will bring in lot of viistors to the city. Stop using BS like resiliency and other buzz words. It is really repulsive when woke people use buzz words like Resiliency as though the city is fighting world war iii.

  9. This is a reset for businesses. Demand lower rent rates for your spaces and lower your prices if you want to have a viable business model. Mayor: Clean up the crime or your legacy will be a failed mayor who killed downtown San Francisco.

  10. As more people work from home, there will be less need for offices. These vacant spaces need to be converted into homes. This is the only way to rejuvenate the neighborhood, reuse space and bring taxes to the city government.

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