Fourth stimulus check may be on the way

Fourth stimulus check may be on the way.


24 thoughts on “Fourth stimulus check may be on the way”

  1. It is last of May
    No stimulus. Although low income not able to work seniors are having a very hard time. If people are able to work under 60 .They should work no stimulus.

  2. It took me six weeks to heal and I am still healing from the fractured foot I cannot stand on my foot very long when will I get my next stimulus check will it be this month ?

  3. What about people who can't work not everyone can work that are disabled yeah we have some that can but I can't right now i'm facing three surgeries and i'm scrambling every day to make it on my little bitty check I can't even buy me a car no I disagree with them bring trump back

  4. Those YouTube channels lie to the people and use false headlines to keep people watching while only they are getting richer.
    They should be fined for false advertising and that would be a better journalistic news story.

  5. I used to subscribe to some of those YouTubers on the stimulus checks updates but I don't anymore because they're getting paid to lie and mislead the People's..

  6. But if you no help wanted ok but ever body need it some people don't make enoght money 1400 dollers could help buy food think go look at store see what prices are buy food ever month this why we need it Becase the money just set there ready used and we need money ok Bill just this about that another people are not enoght money look at highest gas price yup now you know why another state got there money this new York never got there nope why they just send money we all got
    One now it time

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