Facebook Ads Tutorial for Small Biz 2021 – How to Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE)

If you want to run Facebook ads in 2021, I’m gonna walk you through the entire process step by step. This is the only Facebook …


41 thoughts on “Facebook Ads Tutorial for Small Biz 2021 – How to Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE)”

  1. Hi Wes can you do an updated version of this, please for 2022? Because I have noticed you have done a newer video regarding Apple's new IOS update and what works and what doesn't and it's all a little overwhelming. So a new beginners step by step guide would be awesome..

  2. Hello Wes. Thank you for your video, it was very usefull. I have a question. If I want to increase the selling of my service like a massage therapy, whic objectiv should I use. thank you

  3. NO. is there ANYway to save an ad as a DRAFT Before publishing it ?? I'm with a tiny nonprofit and it wants to see, and discuss this before we pay for it….. really is there NO way to save an ad as DRAFT ???? PM me if you know. Tks !

  4. Thanks Wes for sharing this information. However, I would like to find out how effective a Conversion Campaign could work for someone who has an online shop on a website. Thanks again.

  5. my screen is different from yours. it does not show plus sign instead it has many dots and when you click on it it has the main menu choose your goal and then sub menues but nothing like your screen pls advise

  6. I am seriously trying to master the art of advertising on Facebook , I am struggling, but I will watch your videos over and over again because there huge amount of valuable information in it. Some people charge a lot of money to teach this . So thanks so mush, shame I can’t ask you questions at every stage, but I will remedy that by watch the video over and over again and follow your steps . Thanks

  7. Great video dear. What campaign objective should I choose? I just have a facebook shop, no website and no physical lication. I want to sell products in my country on cash on delivery? Bests

  8. Hi Wes, I really appreciate all your tutorials. I'm in the midst of running facebook ads for the first time, but it looks like their interface changed. In 20:17 you show the description box, is that option still available with the current interface?

  9. Wes! All videos extremely helpful, and I end up down rabbit holes, but in a good way! What is the best format/program for you when actually creating and recording these videos? I run a small business centered on legal education and would love to post some videos of this sort explaining various legal concepts, etc. Thank you sir!

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