Creating a Calendar in Excel

Here’s my entire playlist of Excel tutorials: Learn how to easily and quickly create a customized monthly …


29 thoughts on “Creating a Calendar in Excel”

  1. There appears to be a critical item you didn't mention, making Sunday the first day of the week. The template is given with Monday being the first day of the week which is the normal practice in Europe, however in North America Sunday is considered the first day of the week. I discovered that by typing Sunday where it says Monday, the whole thing automatically re-adjusts.

  2. Absolutely love this video, it's very clear and easy to follow.

    Is there a way to auto-populate from a list of dates on another tab? I've got a task register with due dates that needs to be integrated in a calendar view.

  3. Great video. I was manually creating a calendar today in Excel that took not very long but it wasn't what I really wanted. Thanks to this video I've now learned how to do in a more efficient and professional way. Thank you so much. Great work.

  4. Using this same formatted calendar, in the text box under the number it wont allow be to press enter in the box to make a different event on the same day. How can this be edifted or reformatted? Like i cant press "enter" it wants to be all the same line

  5. Thanks for the help it has helped me to discover how a leader I can plan a calendar for the benefit of those I lead just a quick question, how comes when i subscribe to videos I don't seem to find more content in the future like it refuses to continue showing me future videos?

  6. Does anyone know if I only want to see one month at a time and I want to select the new month from the drop down list, how do I assign the events entered in the table so that they change together? So my problem is that although I can change months, the formatting and events don't change. (It's also important that I don't want to colour only the date, but I want to assign 2-3 events to a day, with different colours) Is there any solution?

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