Coffee vendor out $14,000 after using Square

The owners of a Toronto coffee stand say Square Canada has told them they can no longer use the popular payment technology …


36 thoughts on “Coffee vendor out $14,000 after using Square”

  1. This reminds me of the time I tried to use my visa credit card in Havana. The card reader said "no aceptes." Then I used my visa prepaid card I bought at Walmart in Mexico. It worked fine.

  2. I just watched a video warning you Square is good for small type businesses only! Why would you keep using their platform if they weren't paying you. I can only empathize with them holding on to a LARGE purchase while they investigate. The video suggested only use Square if only charging $2k or less a month.

  3. These SOB's tried to take my money as well and I had to reverse my customers transactions to get them to release the money don't do business with square they think they're in charge

  4. I'd used Square way back when in 2018, had processed alot of orders but then they held on to my funds saying that "Unusual activities", payments got delayed for a week. We run a dessert restaurant and the items are mostly $10 , every 1 min there is an order so what is unusual activity?

  5. Square batches out and send funds to the bank, the bank releases the funds to the account. It isn't a SQUARE issue its the bank. Square is getting a bad rap in this story unfortunately. Ive used Square for years now and am upgrading to a more feature rich square setup and have 0 issues.

  6. @Mikegilday42 on telegram is a real vendor I can’t believe my eyes that man too real Goat on this he on telegram He sell credit card with high balance

  7. Canadian entrepreneurs there is a huge market out there for you for millions of Canadian business, and Canadian based online businesses that would LOVE a True North payment system whether you are mirroring Transfer Wise, Venmo, Square Pay any of them! Just don't mirror their conservative and discriminatory policies! Please we need you!

  8. Clearly a bank issue. Square is not at fault here, they did their part, and even helped this costumer find out why the banks were pocketing her money without notifying her.

  9. I will say there is absolutely no way I would buy anything from Cuba and the U.S. embargo of Cuba is a great thing. But if they are doing business in Canada then American laws should not be enforced and if Square is going to do business in Canada this should not be an issue.

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