Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins breaks down weak revenue outlook, China shortages

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk On The Street’ to break down the company’s latest quarterly earnings report, …


8 thoughts on “Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins breaks down weak revenue outlook, China shortages”

  1. Re: Cisco Leadership Inbreeding

    how about starting a "FRESH" start?

    ….finally Chambers disappeared. now this one. this company will never go anywhere.

    Regards –

  2. The Fed can't save the US stock exchange because it's a BLACK HOLE created by fiat $ currency.
    The good old days of cheap Fed money through QE are over. Before buying any stock make sure the Price to Earning PE is less than FOUR !?! The 99% of S&P500 are living on borrowed time and money with very high or no PE even after the mini crash !

  3. Cramer is just exaggerating shut down. China is a huge country. Shut down of Shanghai is not shutdown of China. China is still the biggest exporter in the world this quarter. Please do not blame all your failure on China. Always start with yourself if there is a problem. I cannot remember when we , as a nation, become whiners, always blame others for the problems we created. Fed up with all your sorry excuses.

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