Chinese executions exposed by rare photos

A series of photographs is currently making the rounds on the internet in China. As Celia Hatton reports, the death row images are …


24 thoughts on “Chinese executions exposed by rare photos”

  1. Ok china has a billion people if the united states didn't take so long to execute it's prisoners because of appeals i am sure the united states would execute about 1000 prisoners each Year

  2. Corruption,rape ,drug trafficking…what do you expect? Drugs overdoses kills more people than guns . Corruption is an economic sabotage crime which amount to treason. What do you want the government to do? Buy them Ferraris? Don't commit a crime is you are not ready to do the time

  3. Does anyone know how much India and China differ in legal systems?

    Can’t really compare China with places like the USA for example, the population is insane. It’d be like trying to compare Japan & the USA.

  4. Now. Think next time when you criticize your country , The USA. I know we get treated bad and sometimes even killed by our police or other government agencies. But at least we have due process here at HOME. In The USA. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. AND DON'T DO THE CRIME IF YOU CAN'T DO THE TIME. And don't run from the cops.

  5. And y does the us government and the ppl here in the us do anykind of buisness or have any ties with the chinese government. We shouldnt have any kind of trade policies with china. The piliticians that are running china 90% or more are in the nursing homes in china.

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