China’s benefit / interest in Russia Ukraine conflict | Russia China relations | Geopolitics

In this video, we will try and understand what is China’s gain from the Russia Ukraine conflict. #russiaukraineconflict …


22 thoughts on “China’s benefit / interest in Russia Ukraine conflict | Russia China relations | Geopolitics”

  1. JAPAN wanted : MAN, LAND, MINERALS when concur Manchuria ( China ). Also today all Big Hungry Power Countries want: Land, Minerals, Man. They have Jupiter, Marsh, Venus, etc, to take!

  2. The USA and UK has repeatedly raped other countries of their oil, gas and other natural resource. When they finish with the Ukraine, it will be abandoned along with its people just like Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, Venezuela, Japan, Columbia, Mexico and let’s not forget… they lost the war with Vietnam.

  3. A nice, clear presentation! A few incorrect assumptions and one other important thing: you said Russia's military is "better" than China's? If so, God help them but certainly, China has an active military of 2m + soldiers compared to Indian's 1.4mn.

  4. You nailed it with the 'identity crisis' in the West. I was searching a long time for the right word and now I can see it. The West had an identity crisis because it is led by people who always have own interests. If it earns money, they will implement it.
    Example; In the Netherlands you can buy Weed everywhere in coffeeshops.
    In France it is illegal to sell weed in the open even in shops just like in the US.
    And that is just s little example but a very clear one.
    The West just doesn't have identity. Same goes for the LGBT campagne and abortion. The US is battling abortion. Europe doesn't have that kind of battle.
    Because of this 'unity', the clear identity dissapears snd everybody is just following the money without moral ethics or ideas. If it sells, they will allow it. And that is the danger of democracy; people chasing their own interests instead of the country's people

  5. 30 years ago China was nothing but a labor country.
    It got prosperous and rich thanks to the greedy corporations from Canada, USA, European Union, the UK, Australia and all counties of the G20.
    They wanted more profitable portafolio from cheap labor and cheap materials and that's the ONLY reason they got rich.
    Now the hypocrites scammers of the big corporations are facing reality.
    They give china basically the blue prints to manufacture everything.
    Corrupted governments and greedy corporations are the ones at fault.
    Now china has them all by the balls.
    Smart move!
    They did it right
    Now, no country can fight back alone.
    All crooked politicians and CEOs ate the ones to blame.
    Thanks to all those idiots.
    Every one of them should be jailed and jailed for life.
    But now is too late.
    Hahaha cry all you want suckers, you imbeciles got defeated in your own game.

  6. South African here. I am learning a lot from your videos. It's like a clash of civilizations as people are ethnocentric. I liked how you spoke about Russia's and China's governance. Could you perhaps make a more detailed video on the differences between democratic, communist, socialism societies etc… with your opinion on each of them? Most of the academia and education is viewed from a Euro lens. At university all my professors taught us that everything around us (culture, religion and traditions etc) are just a bunch of social constructions invented by a people to gain control of society. I feel this partly true. For example, in some religions men are said to inherit more money than women. There is nothing spiritual about this rule and it certainly did not maintain balance in society. Even if it did, causing harm and suffering amongst a certain group of people should not be the only way to maintain a balance between the sexes. If previous ways didn't work, what could be done.. (example birth rate of South Korea is very low because many educated women are not having kids).

  7. कौटिल्य says पड़ोसी का पड़ोसी से दोस्ती करनी चाहिए । अमेरिका के लिए अच्छा है की एक तरह से उसका कोई पड़ोसी हीं नहीं है ( कोई match नहीं)।
    so far historical USSR हेल्प to India is concern than we have very good example in महाभारत,
    दुर्योधन ने कर्ण को crucial समय पे मदद किया उन्हें identity दिया और उसके बदले कर्ण जीवन भर हर बुरे काम में दुर्योधन का साथ दिया और दुर्योधन के साथ villain हो गया । श्री कृष्ण नें उसे बताया क्यों उसकी हालत ऐसे हुई अंतिम समय में । इसलिए भारत रुस के साथ अंधा support नहीं कर रहा बल्कि जहाँ रुस ग़लत है वहाँ उसे condemn भी कर रहा है । धर्म का पालन कर रहा है , धर्म should lead to upliftment of society .

  8. We indian should help to super power China and Russia for their more strong relationship we should not discuss to break Russia China relation. india all countries should depend on super power china not on America. As such China will happy and our India will also be safe. We should support super power in joining of Taiwan state with its country china.

  9. I very much hope that China, Russia and India can strengthen cooperation. Avoid disagreements. I really like the color combination of the flags of the three countries put together.

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