Carbuyer Best Car Awards 2022: the best cars you can buy

Nic and Rich present the winners from the Carbuyer Best Car Awards 2022. For this year’s event, we gathered all the victors …


31 thoughts on “Carbuyer Best Car Awards 2022: the best cars you can buy”

  1. Not everyone wants a EV or hybrid car or even petrol.
    Simply because not everyone or everywhere has the vacillities for charging EVs.
    The petrol hybrid emissions or VOC are higher than a modern diesel but no mention is ever made of this.
    Electric vehicles are being pushed through to fast and without proper infrastructure in place.
    Plus the Lithium for batteries has a larger carbon footprint than fossil fueled vehicles

  2. Best Sports car BMW coupe nearest rival Porsche Caymen and Audi TT ?
    Don't think so .
    Nearest rivals would be Audi A5 coupe and Mercedes C class coupe.

  3. I mean, how do you choose at of the year, nowadays all you really paying for is the badge as it seems that all new cars do exactly the same thing, all have the same features, when one car dealer brings out something new on a car, within a few months they all do exactly the same, it's like looking at the same interior but a different or similar shell

  4. 6 mins in and still pushing electric cars when a Merc driver got charged 15K recently for new battery plus installation which cost more than his car was worth (in todays paper), so talk about resale on a electric car when the batter fails -or the mining practices to produce them and the kids who work in the mines.

  5. I presume the Renault Zoe made the list, before it got a Euro NCAP rating of zero. One of only 12 vehicles to ever be given a 0* rating. It might be good value for money but you better pray that you or a loved one is not inside a later MY21 or MY22 Zoe during an accident.

  6. This just looks awkward, clash of character here. But yeah good reviews. Renault has stepped up their image and now make decent cars.

  7. The GR Yaris costs 20% more than an i20n. 20% for more power, trick 4 wheel drive system, much better brakes, unique chassis to change the roofline height, move the engine further back, even double wishbone suspension and of course, aluminium and CFRP used to lower weight. £5k more is suddenly a bargain when you consider resell values will remain high. Infact, a used GR Yaris cost about the same as new one.

    The best convertible… a mini!? Best convertible would be an MX5! The mini was never designed as a convertible and it shows, it's freaking fugly with the "hump" when the roof is down.

    Best estate car? Errrm Peugeot 508? There's nothing wrong with the Skoda but the Peugeot would edge it on style alone.

    ID3? No thanks, rather take a Tesla 3 ANY day. The drop in slight build quality (ID3 has a lot of issues too) would be offset by the much superior drivetrain.

    Best Large company car is a Taycan which is more of a sports car… and the best sports car is a 4 series which is a large company car!

    I wonder how much Hyundai / Kia paid for the reviews?

  8. Selling my A250e for an I20n. The Merc is the worst car I’ve ever owned. Apart from being able to charge for free every now and then it is terrible in every imaginable way.

  9. The Captur is a pile of crap. The reviews are based on a brand new car, these fall apart rapidly. I lose faith in car review vide with recommendations like this

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