Can we create the "perfect" farm? – Brent Loken

Explore the innovative ways countries are revolutionizing farming to ensure we can feed humanity in a way that works with the …


21 thoughts on “Can we create the "perfect" farm? – Brent Loken”

  1. Countdown is a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action. Everyone has a vital role to play if we’re to reach our goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. Find out how you can be part of building a better future by visiting

  2. You believe in this?? I believe a little different. It is my life's purpose too be a "farmer" but at the moment I am poor. I require earth to practice my philosophise and share, barter and eventually change laws.

  3. Free fresh water

    Nature makes fresh water by evaporating sea water, over a huge area. Even I is self lines into pure water vapour. But we can improve on this system.

    If we fire up just one metre of vacuum over water, it boils off into fresh water vapour. Losing all salts, heavy metals, or contaminants plus bacteria life forms! We are left just with pure H₂O.

    We then pump the water vapour to a high reservoir or holding tank. It is 1000 times easier to pump water vapour and liquid water. So he can use a solar driven vacuum pump, or a small weaned turbine. Backed up by batteries all the mains.

  4. "Rice is a staple food for 3 billion people"
    Rice feeds 37% of the world, yet accounts for 1~2% of total annual greenhouse gas emissions.
    I don't think rice is the issue here. Maybe look into beef and shrimp industry? Don't shift the blame to developing countries.

  5. 5:17 did anyone notice the Indian map doesnt have kashmir on it . Ted-ed stop being a detrimental eduactor and show what the real map of India is . Didn’t expected as reputed channel as Ted-ed to be like this . kashmir is always been an Indian part and always will be . unsuscribed , and fellow indians please do so .

  6. It's a shame the term agroecology was not mentioned here, and that there was a bigger emphasis on technology as our savior… Its complex debate and this video is only one view… go and check out the agroecology movement and see the difference in the vision of development

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