Branding Your Business in 2022 – Carrie Green

How do I stand out in business? There’s so much competition. There are so many other people out there doing what I can do.


20 thoughts on “Branding Your Business in 2022 – Carrie Green”

  1. I rarely leave comments, but I really want to thank you, this video is awesome and I really resonate with your message, it made me feel so empowered and confident. I feel ready to put myself out there and create and give to the community I believe in

  2. Grateful for you and the things you have done for your community. Carrie, you are really living your mission! Thanks again.

  3. After having gone through this video, I personally would have preferred you had given 2-3 examples from different brands and shown how they answer the 3 questions. Perhaps 1 beauty brand, commodity and travel brand.

  4. Thanks so much for another valuable video! so much to think about and get clear on.
    I stand for… allowing everyone to see how passionate you are about something, making women feel empowered to create the life of their dreams & I think just the ability to be yourself and not feel judged for it, just to focus on yourself and your own growth! x

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