American Workers Are Becoming Their Own Bosses Through ‘The Great Resignation’

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has millions of American workers deciding that 2022 is the year to strike out on their own, quit …


22 thoughts on “American Workers Are Becoming Their Own Bosses Through ‘The Great Resignation’”

  1. Should have been done years ago XD, what a waste of time lol. 4:26 XD don't want to travel, just travel in the morning without the crowds duh, now they have the time to travel because they work remote

  2. I was working in the US as an engineer when the pandemic came and then lockdown. So I went to Toronto to stay with my mom and WFH. After everything opened back up my employer called me back but I wanted to continue WFH and did not want to return to the US, so I quit. Now I WFH for another employer here in Toronto doing pretty much the same work but better pay and benefits. US employers want to pay you peanuts and work you to death. I had enough of that.

  3. It's the ppl in the comments mad at others because they dont want to be slaves and actually want some enjoyment out of life for me. LOL

  4. Workers are done!!!! These owners are only rich because they steal the wealth the workers create. These owners do not create anything they steal it from their workers. Time to hand ownership of these companies over to the workers.

  5. Good …just walk away from low paid jobs….teach the rich a good lesson…get self employed.. Rich keep getting richer, middle class and poor keep paying taxes and get no benefits.

  6. Yeah, unless you look for a job. Then you find that all these companies want over qualified experts in the position at lower salary than market. It's a myth that job seekers have the advantage. Companies have realized they don't need as many workers as they thought, so they are lowering wages and holding out for the perfect candidate.

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