9 Business Ideas that Will Be BIG in 2022

The best time to start a business is now so I’m sharing 9 Business Ideas that will be easy to start this year! Take inspiration from these Business Ideas to Start with No Money or small business ideas to start from home!

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8:25 Business Idea #3
10:36 Business Idea #4
11:51 Business Idea #5
13:56 Business Idea #6
15:53 Business Idea #7
17:46 Business Idea #8
19:21 Business Idea #9

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28 thoughts on “9 Business Ideas that Will Be BIG in 2022”

  1. Hi Gillian, just subscribed to your channel. Being a freelance translator, the freelance writer idea is appealing. Do you have guidelines specific to that path, or will your videos apply generally? Thank you.

  2. Great video. I came over from Kelli Roberts' channel where she mentioned this video. Opportunity cost (trading hours for dollars) is real. I recently published a low content book like you mentioned in business idea #5. I followed Keith Wheeler's tutorial on how to make a puzzle book using PowerPoint (but I used Google Docs). Thanks for the tips.

  3. Amazing video, A friend of mine referred me to a financial adviser sometime ago and we got talking about investment and money. I started investing with $120k and in the first 2 months , my portfolio was reading $274,800. Crazy right!, I decided to reinvest my profit and gets more interesting. For over a year we have been working together making consistent profit just bought my second home 2 weeks ago and care for my family.

  4. LOL……I'm retired and sell part time on line….I make more than $50 an hour. Maybe you need to speak to some real people that resell. Very lucrative. I don't sell anything that I won't make at least $20 net profit….most times I just use those items as filler. The key is to sell items that are easy to list, (i.e. it takes less than 10 minutes from start to listed), store and ship. It takes a lot of experience to get there….but I've been selling passively since 2009. I retired early at 57…….I'm now 66……the sky's the limit, with reselling. If I wanted to earn more I could put in more hours. I don't want to.

  5. I prayed to God for wealth and success attraction,he opened my eyes using the war between Russia and Ukraine which has made me realize now that stocks, bonds, and share's are still the most lucrative businesses in the world today, NFT, real estate, and cryptocurrency stocks are really changing people's lives for better after duly guidance in the risk margin rounded circle the financial market.

  6. Trust me when I say that copywriting is difficult to find work in and make money. There are "writers" that offer to their services for so low it's difficult to make anything. You're working like a dog getting paid cents not dollars. Lots of writing "gurus" teaching courses on copywriting only make money from their courses.

  7. I definitely never thought of the "blank books" or content-free self published planners/journals/etc as a way to make passive income, and you've got me curious about how exactly people really use pinterest to get traffic to their websites too. Thank you for those ideas in particular!

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